BORN 1974

Trenton Doyle Hancock, Strudi Flooo, 2002. Felt, found objects and paint collage. 78 x 127 in. © Trenton Doyle Hancock, courtesy James Cohan Gallery, New York. Linda Pace Foundation Collection, Ruby City, San Antonio, Texas.

Trenton Doyle Hancock is an American contemporary artist known for his prints, videos, drawings, sculptures, individual performances and collage felt paintings. His influences include comics, graphic novels, cartoons, music and film. Hancock is known for his visual work that focuses on the Mounds and the Vegans, two forces that are constantly dueling with one another and serve as a representation of the eternal battle between good and evil. This extended series also serves to explore Hancock’s mythology of the two forces, which gives him the opportunity to develop his concepts at length

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