Dream Drawing Project

Linda Pace used the symbolic potency of everyday objects in her drawings and assemblages. She frequently captured ideas from her dreams and explored the idea that utilitarian objects can convey an aesthetic power not otherwise imagined, especially when expressed through the transformative process of being rendered into works of art.

I’ve been having this reoccurring dream of a wild hare running down the hallway and then down the stairs. I have NO idea what it means. I need to consult with a psychic when this is all over.
– Justice Graham

I dreamt that my mother would have anything that money could buy and she bought this goddamn chandelier.
– Alexandra Murphy

Life Goes On
Perked up against the window,
The plant grew three new leaves.
Sitting legs criss-cross on the couch,
Stressed upon my troubles
I admired the common area plants.
But there laid two fallen leaves,
Rotting against the hardwood surface.
I clipped off the two dead leaves.
At ease was how I felt with the situation.
Life goes on for the healthy plant.
Two went down, but three came up,
Three leaves standing mighty and tall
So hey—
life goes on.
– Michael Carnes

The words on the wall felt malicious yet,
the ones on my tongue would not form.
One thing was for certain;
The toes that I looked down on were not my own.
– Jayne M. Valverde

I dreamt I was going somewhere
I was not somewhere?
Everything was pitch black
but the bus and the street lights at the stop
– Edward H. Harris

I had a dream it was my job to water plants at school
It was nice to be outside in the sun
spending time in a garden.
– Audrey LeGalley

A thousand eyes upon me
and each of them my own:
A shadow version of myself
that waits till I’m alone.
If I’m to move, I am pursued,
no peace is there to find.
This is a beast that knows me well;
it lives within my mind.
– Hilary Rochow