Leave a Fortune + Take a Fortune
Saturday, May 5, 2024, 12-4PM
Ruby City Plaza

Take a Fortune + Leave a Fortune is a community engaged project initiated by the Art Activating Hope collaborative. In this come-and-go all-ages project, learn how to make a felt fortune cookie, receive a fortune written by other participants, and leave a fortune for future participants. No registration is required. 

About Art Activating Hope

Art Activating Hope (AAH) is a community-based art initiative promoting effective social change. The long-term projects approach life and art interchangeably. Some deal with time, memory, and loss while other projects capture moments of joy and shared experiences. Petunia co-founded the AAH Collaborative to nurture creative spaces for belonging and leads public workshops.

Petunia recently received their Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio and is a teaching artist. She appreciates all the little things in life and enjoys spending time with loved ones and nature.