10.13.2019 TO 10.2020 RUBY CITY

Isaac Julien, PLAYTIME (film still), 2014. © Isaac Julien, courtesy Isaac Julien Studio, London. Linda Pace Foundation Collection, Ruby City, San Antonio, Texas.

This immersive video installation from 2014 addresses representations of global capital. Featuring actors James Franco, Maggie Cheung and Mercedes Cabral, each iteration of the film addresses representation of how labor, information and global capital circulate within society. On view within Ruby City, in a space dedicated to the acclaimed British artist’s work, the show will run through October 2020. Isaac Julien CBE is known for his unique poetic and visual language; themes in his work commonly address topics such as race, queer and transcultural identities and migration. During her lifetime, Pace was a dedicated supporter of Julien’s practice, acquiring more than 50 works for her permanent collection. Today, the Linda Pace Foundation maintains the largest holdings of the artist’s work worldwide.