10.13.2019 TO 4.2021


Linda Pace, Mirror Mirror, 2006. © Linda Pace Foundation. Linda Pace Foundation Collection, Ruby City, San Antonio, Texas.

Jewels in the Concrete, a presentation in Ruby City’s auxiliary gallery, Studio, will be on view through April 2020. The title is derived from a dream Linda Pace recounts in her biography, Dreaming Red: Creating Artpace –and, here, references the content and imagery of several of the included works. The exhibition centers on Julien’s video installation Stones Against Diamonds (2015)—a work inspired by a letter written by the Brazilian curator and designer Lina Bo Bardi. Published in the anthology Stones Against Diamonds, Bo Bardi reflected on her preference for the organic beauty of natural stones to the allure of polished diamonds. The gallery will also highlight three large-scale sculptures, including Linda Pace’s Mirror Mirror (2006), a reflective dome which literally mirrors the viewer and Dario Robleto’s Men Are The New Women (2002), which comprises a female ribcage bone that has been ground to dust, recast and carved as a male ribcage bone. These works are complemented by photographs by Andrea Bowers and Marilyn Minter, both of which explore questions of identity and appropriation.