RECLAIMED— 3.10.2018 TO 1.26.2019 STUDIO

Lorraine O’Grady, The Fir-Palm, 1991-1992

Ruby City’s fall 2018 exhibition, Reclaimed, is a presentation of 25 monochromatic works by some of the most influential contemporary female artists working today, all drawn from the Foundation’s diverse collection. Artists include Laura Aguilar, Dorothy Cross, Judy Dater, Annette Messager, Lorraine O’Grady, Robyn O’Neil, Linda Pace, Tracey Rose, Lara Schnitger and Kiki Smith, with works spanning 1975 through 2009.R

As the title implies, the exhibition addresses the concept of ownership—both literally and figuratively—and the notion of “reclaiming” what’s ours, from our lands and governments to our physical bodies and basic human rights. Central to each of the works on view are themes of nature, identity and the female form, often times as a depiction of non-traditional feminine ideals.

Throughout the exhibition, the color palette—or lack thereof—and focus on photography, film, cast sculpture and works on paper, underscores the seriousness of the subject matter and harkens back to more traditional methods of artistic production. A departure from the Foundation’s typical spotlight on experimental and new media works, this unexpected selection provides insight into the depth and variedness of the permanent collection.

“My subjects are my cast of characters, I choose them instinctively for what I perceive to be their ability to express emotions, to be playful, sexy and humorous, to reveal what I identify as soul.”

—Judy Dater