Photo courtesy of Ana Fernandez

Meet the Artist: Ana Fernandez

Ana Fernandez (b. 1971, Corpus Christi, Texas) is a San Antonio-based painter who paints in the realist tradition and attempts to capture the cultural, psychological and spiritual nuances found in seemingly ordinary urban landscapes, particularly those found in Latino and Hispanic communities.

How would you describe your work in 3 words?

Landscapes, people and communities.

What do you listen to in the studio? Alternatively, what’s your favorite object in the studio?

Most often I have a favorite movie or TV series playing in the background. It’s always one I’ve seen before and know the dialog to. Its white noise and also becomes a timer of sorts so I know how long I’ve been working.

Pink House (2018), courtesy of Ana Fernandez

How do you find inspiration?

I love television and film. Photography and painting. I like taking drives and just looking at things. I also love materials…like good paint and I find inspiration through materials as well.

The idea of Ruby City came to Linda in a dream. Have your dreams ever influenced your art?

I think my work has a dream like quality to it; a stillness and a sense that something is just about to happen. My dreams are sometimes like that.

Photo courtesy of Ana Fernandez

What does a typical day look like?

A typical day involves me working on my business Chamoy City Limits. I also carry my camera with me everywhere because I want to be able to capture images while I’m out and about. I paint in the evenings usually.

What’s your advice for younger artists?

Figure out how to fund your own art and keep going no matter what. You’ll probably need to work at a day job. Art can’t just be made by people with trust funds, otherwise the world would be boring. What’s important is that your voice is heard. Work hard and lose the sense of entitlement. Don’t let money or trivial situations keep you from creating your art.

Rearview (2018), Photo courtesy of Ana Fernandez

You’re based in San Antonio. Do you have a favorite spot in the city? the city?

I love the city parks. I’m especially like spending time in San Pedro Springs park, which is the oldest park in the city and the second oldest park in the country.

Did you know Linda Pace?

I never met Linda, but through my residency at Artpace, I was able to feel a connection with her and her vision. That was so special for me.

Visceral and Needy (1991), Lari Pittman, courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles

Pick a work you like in our collection and tell us why it stands out to you.

I love the Lari Pittman work in the collection. I studied with him at UCLA and he was a fantastic mentor.

What are you most eager to see on the Ruby City campus?

I’m excited to see the people of San Antonio at Ruby City getting to see Linda’s dream realized and her collection on display. That will be exciting.