For this week’s tutorial, we grab inspiration from Linda Pace’s Red Project. Follow along with a tutorial video with Christian Dittmer, Visitor Services Associate, as he demonstrates how to make your own monochromatic collage with a few materials you will find at home. Be sure to share your final artwork with us on social media by tagging us. We will repost the best ones!

Feeling anxious in these uncertain times? Draw inspiration from Marina Abramović‘s contemplative sculpture, Chair for Man and His Spirit, which features a typical chair coupled with a towering perch for a “spirit.”

  1. Find a quiet spot in your home. It could be your favorite place or even one you often overlook.
  2. Sit down and get comfortable in this spot.
  3. Pick a place on the wall or a nearby object for your focal point.
  4. Stare at your focal point and begin your ascent. You can use this time to clear your head completely and take deep breaths. Or use this time to focus on your motivations, inspiration, joy, and gratitude.


This tutorial was inspired by Do Ho Suh’s video Rubbing/Loving, 
produced by Art21. In 2014, Suh covered every surface in his apartment with white paper, which he then rubbed with colored pencil to reveal and preserve all of the space’s memory-provoking details. The process of taking a rubbing from an uneven surface and using that as the basis of a work of art is known as frottage. This week, we encourage you to create your very own frottage using paper, color pencils, and found objects around your home. What surfaces or objects around your home evoke a memory to you? 


This paper flower tutorial is inspired by Pace’s wall relief “STAY” (2006), which features flowers arranged to spell out the title of the work. We have put together a version of this piece that you can make at home. The possibilities of a letter, word or shape are endless. What will you create?


Learn how to make Papel Picado! 

Suggested materials to make your own crown:
– Diadem
– Elmer’s glue
– Pom pons
– Pipe cleaners

Materials needed:
– felt
– dowel
– banner (or just a piece of fabric!)
– hot glue gun
– pen
– scissors
– yarn